Professional Development Track

CSC 2017 is hosting a plethora of professional development events that you won't want to miss!

Sunday, May 28

Green Chemistry Crash Course and Industry Case Study
MTCC, Room 104A

In an era where climate change and the environment are key focus areas of research and technology development, knowledge of green chemistry principles and techniques are crucial to all chemical professsionals. Join the Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC), the Green Chemistry Initiative (GCI) and GreenCentre Canada (GCC) for an engaging seminar that will teach you the basics of green chemistry, then put your knowledge to the test using a real world case study.

Career Discussion Panel and Coffee Mixer
MTCC, Room104A

Prominent panelists in the chemical sciences will discuss their career paths and answer audience questions. Attendees and panelists will have a chance to network at a post-panel coffee and cookies mixer, directly preceding the CSC 2017 Welcome Reception and Exhibition. 

Tuesday, May 30

CSC President's Event: Changing Face of Chemistry
MTCC, Room 206F

A panel of chemical professionals from across the globe will discuss the changing face of chemistry and chemical industry.

Date and Time TBD

What Does Industry Want from Analytical Chemistry Training?

Many chemistry students will work as analytical chemists in industry, but few faculty who teach analytical chemistry have industrial experience. Join a panel of experts who will help to fill this gap.

This panel is part of the "Teaching Analytical Chemistry" symposium

Life after the Lab: Unconventional Careers for Scientists 

Chemistry graduates the world over are trained for academic and industrial research; however, science extends far beyond the lab bench. This symposium will present various alternatives to research careers to prepare early career chemists to enter today's competitive and varied job market. 

This symposium is part of the Industrial Chemistry program

Chemistry-based Entrepreneurs, Ecosystem, and Case Study

If you are a chemist with a great idea, entrepreneurial training and business savvy can turn your idea into profits. This session will cover such topics as: tech trends and testing your idea, patent requirements for start-ups, how to use SR&ED to grow your business and what investors look for before they invest.

This symposium is part of the Industrial Chemistry program

Best Practices for Successful Academic-Industry Collaborations

This symposium will showcase examples of successful academic-industry collaborations from both the academic and industrial partner's perspective. Topics to be covered include how the interaction started, benefits each partner gleans from the interaction and obstacles overcome.

This symposium is part of the Industrial Chemistry program

Chemistry-based Start-ups & Small and Medium Enterprises

Entrepreneurship in chemistry provides an opportunity to launch powerful ideas and inventions into the marketplace, but entrepreneurship is also a challenging and risky endeavour. This session will provide a platform for speakers coming from numerous startups and SMEs at different stages of progression to share their stories and will include a panel discussion.

This symposium is part of the Industrial Chemistry program

Sustaining Business Development in the Chemical Sector

This symposium will provide perspectives on the inherent challenges that drive growth in the commercial sector, including: practical tools for growing businesses and narrative stories from principals in the chemical and related (high-tech materials, energy, pharmaceutical/bio-tech, and analytical instrumentation) sectors.

This symposium is part of the Industrial Chemistry program

NSERC Discovery Grants: Results, Questions and Answers

More details coming soon.

Discovery Grants: Insights from Former Committee Members

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