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Productivity Tools for Remote Workers

Productivity Tools for Remote Workers

Several workers have embraced the chance to work remotely, and a great majority are enjoying and loving this new setup. There are so many articles that you can find concerning the wonderful advantages of remote working.

Remote employees appreciate the freedom and adaptability of flexspace. They can now watch their son’s basketball finals or cheer on their daughter’s piano recital. Parents can enjoy more time in their home with their household. Even with all this extra time to do other things, remote workers reportedly performed better in their jobs.

Tools for Remote Working

Remote employees include contract workers, frontline workers, international workers, small business owners, and freelancers. But, before you leap to join the bandwagon, you need to understand the best IT support for small business and all the tools to be productive and effective in this new setup. Keep reading and learn more about these available tools:

Internet Connection

Remote jobs rely significantly on a fast and robust internet connection. Aside from fixed internet access in your home, you need to also invest in a mobile hotspot. For good measure, every staff member ought to have a mobile hotspot. A mobile device isn’t just for internet access on the go; it can likewise serve as your backup in case of power or internet interruptions.

Remote Desktop Software

This app is needed to connect to the computers in different locations. Even working from home, the remote employee can freely access all the pertinent information essential for his task from the office server, even in an overseas location. 

Learn more here about reputable IT firms that can help you set up remote desktops and other pertinent tools.

Communication Tools

A remote employee needs to communicate synchronously with the group. Various software programs for remote working are available in the market that do more than the traditional email or telephone call. An IT support firm can help you set up these tools; a few of these apps include the following:

  • Video conferencing app
  • Team chat app
  • Screen sharing software

Online Office Suites

From the traditional office suites that need to be installed on your computers, office suites have transitioned online over the past years. A few of the most popular suites are Microsoft Office Online and Google’s G Suite applications.

Cloud Storage

Every person on the team must have easy access to a cloud storage device. It doesn’t have to be complicated; any saved documents on a shared folder will instantly be available for everyone with a link to the shared folder.

Organizer Apps

It’s hard to keep tabs on everything today, mainly working on different jobs. You need to manage your time and remember many things to do. We all want to have an organized life; unfortunately, it’s not always the case; you could quickly lose track of time if you don’t have concrete goals. With organizer apps, you will be able to boost your performance exponentially.

Security Tools

Usually, remote employees store their business information on laptops or mobile phones. There are better means to make our information safe and secured from being hacked or jeopardized. Right here are some of the security tools we can use.

  • VPN
  • Online backup
  • File and disk encryption


Lately, remote working has been a way of life for many staff members. The pandemic is not just the contributing factor to this “new normal,” but the internet and technological innovation that supports it has transcended physical barriers. A company doesn’t need a physical workplace in other nations to operate their business and use people from other countries.

Nevertheless, the most significant advantage of remote working to the employee is improved psychological health. As there is less stress and anxiety. Working in your environment could be relaxing, translating to better quality work.

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