, the New CSC is Canada’s largest online media organization.

The slogan “Open Doors of Life” was used to launch the New CSC in 2012. This is because we believe that it is what we stand for.

New CSC is concerned about the quality of life and the world we live in. New CSC is not just a platform for content. We deliver different niches like Tech, Social Media, Apps, Design, Lifestyle, Trends, Home/Real Estate, Health, Animals/Pets, Digital Marketing, and Business.

Since its inception, New CSC has been an active campaigning media site. Recent reporting focuses on current events and interesting stories that will keep readers up-to-date around the globe.

New CSC is a name that stands for everyday working people who want to improve their lives and those of their families.

The New CSC is committed to accuracy and innovation in reporting.

The Editors’ Code of Practice is the industry standard for journalism and the Code enforced through the Independent Press Standards Organisation. Our journalists must adhere to it. All of Britain’s major newspapers have signed up for the Editors Code. They agree to adhere to its judgments. This includes publication of corrections and clarifications if our reporting is not up to standard.